Your Leaders Suck

But It’s Not Their Fault

Low-Risk, High-Reward Ways To Make Executives and Managers Better Leaders


It takes a lifetime of learning to lead. But who has time to wait for that? Most managers weren’t born knowing how to lead, who leaders are, and what leaders really do. But it is not their fault.

Your organization should NOT suffer while sucky leaders learn by trial and error, killing your organization from the inside. In an age when there is an ever-escalating war for talent, it has never been more critical in the history of business to train leaders.

Your Leaders Suck is a strategic leader development and training business that delivers proven low risk, high reward ways to make executives and managers better leaders.

Your Leaders Suck vision is: A world where all people believe in their ability to lead and 100% of the workforce performs beyond expectations.



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Meet Bryan

Bryan Deptula, MBA, PhD is a visionary leader, Author, Speaker, owner of the Canalside Inn, and CEO of Your Leaders Suck (a strategic leader development and training business).

Bryan’s purpose is to improve the life and leadership of all people. He envisions a world where every person believes in their ability to lead, and 100% of the workforce is engaged and performs beyond expectations.

Dr. Deptula is on a relentless mission to develop leaders that:

  • LEARN to be their best self
  • LEAD from within
  • LIVE with purpose

Dr. Deptula achieves his mission by delivering dynamic keynotes, engaging workshops, and life-changing retreats.

Bryan helps CEOs of small to mid-sized companies and division heads of global organizations train managers to make it easier to fill jobs with the right people, retain top talent, and keep employees fully engaged.

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