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Dr. Bryan Deptula is a visionary leader, Author, Speaker, and CEO of Your Leaders Suck (a BKD Leaders, LLC business) and the Canalside Inn.

Bryan’s purpose is to improve the life and leadership of all people. He envisions a world where every person believes in their ability to lead, and 100% of the workforce is engaged and performs beyond expectations.

Dr. Deptula is on a relentless mission to develop leaders that:

  • LEARN to be their best self
  • LEAD from within
  • LIVE with purpose

Dr. Deptula achieves his mission by delivering dynamic keynotes, engaging workshops, and life-changing retreats. Bryan guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, self-leadership, and finding purpose. As an Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer, Bryan facilitates strategic planning for organizations and creates best practice leader development programs that work by improving individual and team performance.

Bryan’s TED Talk, Leaders Are Born To Be Made, gives practical wisdom about how to make leaders out of all people while coordinating and collaborating to get work done with and through others. 

Dr. Deptula’s remarkable journey started in New Castle, DE, where he overcame childhood poverty to become a PhD, MBA, Hotelier, Vistage Speaker, and former University Associate Professor and Management Department Chair. This journey has taken him to over 30 countries spanning five continents, where he has given hundreds of keynotes and workshops to conferences as well as small businesses and Fortune 100 global companies.

Dr. Deptula has co-authored a combined 20 journal articles and conference presentations, and authored a best-selling book.

Bryan’s latest book, Your Leaders Suck, but it’s not their fault offers low risk / high reward strategies to make Executives and Managers better leaders. Your Leaders Suck is a heartfelt gift to his children, offering invaluable life lessons to help them discover the leader within.

Dr. Bryan and his wife Kristen own the Canalside Inn, in Rehoboth Beach, a many times Best of Delaware winner where they host vacationers and corporate retreats.

Dr. Deptula possesses a unique talent for solving complex organizational puzzles, inspiring positive change, and transforming organizations. His unwavering commitment to guiding individuals towards their best selves and to enhancing organizational leadership continues to make a profound impact on those fortunate enough to work with him.

Bryan Lives in Rehoboth Beach, DE with his wife Kristen,  their two children, Sky the Husky, and Freddy the kitten.

 Dr. Deptula has given hundreds of keynotes, workshops, and conference presentations in the last 10 years to Fortune companies, including:

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Watch Dr. Bryan Deptula’s TED Talk Leaders Are Born To Be Made

Ground breaking TED Talk that answers the question: 


Leaders are born, and they are made. Leader Genes, nurture, and motivation to lead influence whether a person will be a leader. Learn 3 pillars of becoming a leader:

  • BEING – your leader identity and brand
  • KNOWING -how to lead and what motivates you to lead
  • DOING – skills to practice leading

Here is a sample of Research Journal Articles authored and co-authored by Dr. Bryan Deptula


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  • Williams, E., Pillai, R., McCombs, K., Deptula, B., Lowe, K. (2020). Adaptive and Maladaptive Narcissism, Charisma, and Leadership Performance: A Study of Perceptions about the Presidential Leadership of Donald Trump. Leadership.
  • Ford, L.; Deptula, B., (2019). The Wage Gap: No One’s Responsibility, But Everyone’s Problem. Compensation & Benefits Review, 51 (3), 112-128. 
  • Williams, E. A., Pillai, R., Deptula, B., Lowe, K. B., McCombs, K. (2018). Did charisma “Trump” narcissism in 2016? Leader narcissism, attributed charisma, value congruence and voter choice. Personality and Individual Differences, 130, 11-17.
  • Williams, E. A., Pillai, R., Deptula, B., Lowe, K. (2018). Authentic Moral Leadership, Attributed Charisma, and Cynicism about Change in the Context of a Presidential Election: Understanding the Moderating Role of Crisis Perceptions. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 15(3).
  • Deptula, B., Williams, E. (2017). An intersubjective perspective on the role of communal sharing in synergistic co-mentoring: Implications for Human Resource Development. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 28 (3), 369-400.
  • Williams, E.A., Pillai, R., Deptula, B. J., & Lowe, K. B.  (2012). The effects of crisis, cynicism about change, and value congruence on perceptions of leadership in the 2008 presidential election: The role of authentic leadership and attributed charisma in the national vote. The Leadership Quarterly, 23, 324–341.
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