Leaders Are Born To Be Made

A leader development program is a long-term developmental experience with a goal to increase the effectiveness of how one leads themselves, others, teams, and organizations. Your Leaders Suck offers dynamic leader development programs that apply research in leadership, management, psychology, and personal development. We believe leaders are born to be made and combine life experiences, scientific evidence, and personal anecdotes to create transformative developmental experiences that can be delivered onsite at your home office, or away at our retreat center.

Our leader development programs include effective personal and leader assessment tools, training, feedback mechanisms, workbooks, learning videos, reflections, executive coaching, and practical exercises to elevate leadership capabilities that accelerate growth and profitability.

We begin with a discovery discussion, a S.W.O.T. analysis of organizational strategy, and an evaluation of leadership capabilities. We assess your needs and goals to create a customized profit-driven leader development initiative that elevates leadership across your organization.

Each topic below is a self-contained workshop that can be combined with any other topic to create a customized learning solution. Choose from a one-day workshop to a year-long training program.

Explore our interactive in-person workshops, ideal for individuals developing their leadership identity and personal brand. They’re also perfect for organizations building a corporate leadership brand, fostering leader identity in employees, and inspiring leadership at all levels.

Our leadership and organizational development programs are delivered by a network of renowned experts, speakers, and consultants.

Explore some of our leader development programs below.

Thumbs Down. Your Leaders Suck

Why Your Leaders Suck (But It’s Not Their Fault)

Leaders suck! Everyone knows it. Problem is, it’s natural to lead, just not natural to be good at leading. 

Stop leading from gut instincts, personal experiences, and imitating behaviors from horrible bosses and awful leaders.

This topic gives real life stories about all the reasons why leaders suck!

Leaders at table

How To Build Better Bosses

Your problems are that (a) your leaders suck, and (b) because your leaders don’t know how to lead, your employees quit their bosses; causing you to hemorrhage money, knowledge, and productivity.

Learn how to fix your company’s ability to win the ongoing talent wars by improving your most important asset –  your leaders – to get work done with and through people, to motivate their team to perform, to keep employees engaged, to attract and retain top talent, and to make the company money.

Leaders Are Born To Be Made

Ground breaking keynote and workshop based on Dr. Bryan Deptula’s TEDx Talk. Learn three pillars of becoming a leader:

BEING – your identity as leader

KNOWING -how to lead and what motivates you to lead

DOING – skills to practice leading

Leadership Styles

Learn the 4 most powerful and effective leadership styles for growing companies: Transformational, Charismatic, Servant, Transactional. Discover your dominant style and adapt to best fit the activity, objective, and context.

Leading Change

Change is coming whether you and your organization want to change. Learn to lead transformational change to keep your competitive edge, constantly innovate, disrupt industry competitors. Follow BKD sequenced process to drive lasting change .

Winning Conflict

Conflict creates breakthrough innovations. Train employees to use conflict productively. Learn to welcome conflict, and to embrace the strategic approach to de-escalating and finding YES-able solutions.

Your Leaders Suck Vision

Live With Purpose

Live with purpose. Be a leader worth following. Every second of your life not living with purposeful intention and forward momentum is a second wasted. Learning never ends and the road to become your best-self is long and hard.

To be an effective leader, you must find our purpose for living and leading. Leadership Purpose refers to your reason for leading, the cause behind what makes you want to lead. Your purpose for leading is the why you lead.

Purpose gives followers reason to follow you. Your purpose for leading identifies to followers what it is that you are trying to accomplish for and with them.

Strategic Planning

BKD Strategic Planning Sessions empower you with consulting tools to make important business decisions about the organization’s future. Get the most powerful S.W.O.T. analysis used by consultants. Learn to ‘strategy cast’ and pivot your value proposition.

Learn to create Vision, Mission and Values that statements that give employees clear direction as to where they are going, why they are going there, and the set of emotional and behavioral pillars that breathe life into the organization and make it worth believing in.

Building A Leadership Brand

Every organization and employee needs a leadership brand.

A leadership brand tells the world who you are by communicating your unique value. A leadership brand tells employees and customers what your organization stands for. Your brand is your promise to lead in a way that inspires confidence in your work and product.

Be memorable! Be recognizable! Be iconic! Learn 10 simple steps to create your unique and valuable leadership brand leadership brand.

Be a Mentor. Change a life.

 Mentoring Programs are a sustainable, total development solution that includes customizable training. Participants learn to build and maintain effective long-term mentoring and coaching partnerships that improve performance.

Universal Leadership

Ever wonder why some leaders are successful no matter where they go? Learn how to practice UNIVERSAL LEADERSHIP, a set of globally desirable and consistently impactful leadership behaviors.

Leader Styles Assessments

Use BKD proven leadership profiles to identify ‘Diamonds in the Rough’, employees who will step up in challenging times and lead into the future. Don’t waste time and money on bad hires and mediocre talent. Find high performing individual contributors and high potential team leaders.

We administer the assessment, give you the results for each employee, and review results so that you understand the best way to lead your team members according to their unique leadership style profile. 

Leadership During Crisis

During crisis, people search for a leader to step up, to deliver a return to normalcy and away from fear. Learn how to inspire employees’ trust in your leadership during crisis. Lead through morality, courage, authenticity, vision, conviction and persistence of a leader.

Sudden Supervisor

Sudden Supervisor is a unique program for lesser experienced managers beginning to lead people and teams. Learn to become an effective leader by delivering principles of managing, motivating, and increasing the productivity of subordinates and teams.


Leaders Logic

You need to make leaders who think Critically and Creatively to solve problems and get work done. Leader Logic teaches you

  • BKD ‘Critical Thinking Through Leading’ system.
  • 10 positive leader traits
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Step-by step process for discovering Creative solutions

Customize For Your Team

We would love to have a discovery call to see how we can help your team achieve their goals.

These are just a few of our course offerings. If you don’t see what you like, we will tap into our network of speakers and corporate consultants to meet your needs.


Our proven 3L (Learn, Lead, Live) mission has produced results that give you a return on your investment. We deliver practical solutions that create sustainable change and better leaders and organizations. Previous clients have achieved the following:

  • Higher quality relationships among Top Executive Team members (people who like – or at least understand – each other work better together)
  • Better leadership at all organizational levels
  • Improved communications
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Increased employee retention
  • Reduced costs in employee search, hiring, and onboarding
  • Identified high potential employees to develop into future leaders
  • Identified under-performing employees for training or reallocating
  • Streamlined systems and processes that led to a reduction in errors and spending while helping employees focus on core job functions
  • Conflict resolution


International Swimming Hall Of Fame

Nova Southeastern University - Marketing Division

Diamond State Financial Group

BKD Leaders can help transform your team too.

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